#Recommended: I refuse to work for free.

“When ‘free’ becomes the way creative work gets assessed, it undercuts the market for everyone, famous and obscure alike. Writers are exploited. That won’t change until we acknowledge that writing isn’t a hobby or a passion — it’s a job.” – Yasmin Nair  READ: I’m a freelance writer. I refuse to work for free.


I promised in the last post to write about a new word I just learnt. Here it is: Infovore It means: 1. a person who indulges in and desires information gathering and interpretation; 2. a person that has a voracious appetite for information. Interesting, isn’t it? A quick glance at it clearly reveals the etymology – …

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#Reading Challenge: Would you hold me accountable?

It’s been about a year since I posted on this blog, no? #JustKidding Sincere apologies to those who have checked in every now and then; the reason is simple – I have been S-W-A-M-P-E-D. Swimming frantically against the tide of work, a lifelong pursuit, training, project supervision/consultancy and a book project – little me. It …

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