#Lent2016, Holy Wednesday

Text: Matthew 26:17-30, Exodus 6:6-7 This was the third Passover meal Jesus had eaten with His disciples. The Passover meal was organized around drinking four cups of wine, each representing the four-part promise of redemption in Exodus. The first cup remembered the promise “I will bring you out”. God, the Father, brought the Israelites out of Egypt …

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#Lent2016, Holy Tuesday

Text: John 12:1-6, Matthew 26:14-16, Psalms 41 The unanswerable word “Why?!” echoes within my soul as I read the tragic account of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. Why? Judas had spent three years with Jesus! He had seen Him heal bodies, touch broken lives and raise the dead. Judas had heard the Gospel of love. Why? Judas …

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#Lent2016, Palm Sunday

Text: Luke 19:28-41, Isaiah 55:6-12 “Hosanna!” was the word that began the most explosive 7 days in all of eternity. Never would there be a week, nor a word, that would so profoundly impact every life in recorded history. It was Passover week in Jerusalem and nearly 2.5 million people were crowding the streets of this ancient …

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#Lent2016, Day 38

Text: John 13:1-15, Philippians 2:6-7 “Day 38: The Washing” The NIV translates verse 1: “Having loved his own who were in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his love.” In this unexpected act of foot washing, Jesus was communicating something profound about the nature of divine love. Love is not simply what Jesus …

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#Lent2016, Day 37

Text: Matthew 26:1-5, Matthew 26:14-25 “Day 37: The Plot” Even when Jesus’ life was slipping away from him, he remained remarkably in control. He predicted his arrest and crucifixion before the religious leaders met to conspire against him. He knew that Judas, one of his trusted apostles, would betray him. How disturbing that must have been to …

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