#Recommended: I refuse to work for free.

“When ‘free’ becomes the way creative work gets assessed, it undercuts the market for everyone, famous and obscure alike. Writers are exploited. That won’t change until we acknowledge that writing isn’t a hobby or a passion — it’s a job.” – Yasmin Nair  READ: I’m a freelance writer. I refuse to work for free.

#Recommended: ECO Leaders for Tomorrow

As an Associate Fellow and ‘Graduate’ of the May 2008 Future Leaders Seminar (FLS), I am pleased to recommend NLI. It was a weekend of inspiration engaging many young persons from many backgrounds. Some of those friendships which started at the FLS have grown into marriages, business partnerships and unique relationships. I spoke to Idris …

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Don’t, don’t what?

My work — responsibilities, job title, salary, benefits, compensation, long-term rewards, security, and achievements — is a core part of my life, purpose, and identity. I have heard, “Oh, it’s business. Life is not fair, don’t take it personally”. Don’t, don’t what? Of course, I will take it personally! No employer should joke with these …

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Quote of The Day

“The future’s already here, just not evenly distributed. The budgets are moving, the skills are shifting, the measurements are changing, the outcomes of our work are changing….No company is immune from digital disruption and our profession isn’t either.” — Jon Iwata, SVP, Marketing and Communications, IBM Source: Holmes Report on ‘The New CCO: Why Senior Communicators …

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Tomorrow will be #TechPlus

TechPlus, an amazing technology event which debuted last year is back, bigger and better. Read about the 2016 Edition here I am serving again this year on the Advisory & Planning Teams. Look forward to an exciting outing in July. Please register to attend!    

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