Congratulations to the Super Eagles, Nigeria’s national football team.

The victory over Ethiopia at the final group match, I learnt was a narrow escape.

I’m tired about discussing the challenges of the team, the handlers and football federation. No use overstating the obvious all the time.

Just know they won’t be super lucky next time. We’ll soon get to the cross roads where only the deserving and better side will win…

This scenario brings to mind reality, some people rise and journey through life counting on quick wins, undeserving chances, plain luck and often, as a result of the mistakes of others.

For these people, their minds soon get accustomed to these ‘close shaves’ that they lose sight of the need to truly work hard for anything. The ‘God’ factor also doesn’t help.

With mediocres succeeding daily and norm skulls celebrated like innovators in our society; one doesn’t blame the ‘super lucky’ ones.

Those of us who don’t believe in this fate just have to keep our hands dirty to survive.

Just My Thoughts,

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