Strategic Comms

Strategic Comms

The multidisciplinary approach to achieving empirical communication objectives through engagement and influence of stakeholder perception and action is called Strategic Communications

Emilia Asim
Strategic Communications & Stakeholder Management Workshop by Infovore Learning Limited, March 2019

Too often, many professionals refer to Strategic Communications as activities that are tied to specific (business) outcomes. Others argue that it is planned, deliberate, etc. as though all communication activities are not designed with any clear outcome in mind.

This outlook limits the business case and weakens the argument that communication strategies are increasingly apt in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world that we all exist in today.

Through this quote, I argue that an activity, approach or strategy that will deliver in today’s environment must be empirical, stakeholder-specific, and multidisciplinary.

In subsequent weeks, I will share my thoughts on this emerging subject matter and explain to a great extent, the reason many communication objectives are failing. Meanwhile, please share your thoughts too…

Thanks to the Infovore Learning Team for making me do this.

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