I have been very worried lately about my ‘writing life’. Much like my social life, writing for me had long faded and became cumbersome.

I used to love to write – on anything and everything – all the time, with many story ideas from the crazy to out rightly absurd. Those who knew about this passion encouraged it.

From senior friends, contemporaries, acquaintances and colleagues; almost everyone around me sought (and still seeks) my opinion on one issue or the other. Most of these issues border on work, social life, religion or gender issues.

I remember Jahman Anikulapo (who recently turned 50) encouraged me a great deal. He gave me a column in the Sunday Guardian. Two weeks after its birth, it died a natural death. The stories published can be found here and here.

So, a funeral and RIP tributes would have been in order for my column which was ‘dead on arrival’.

Now, here’s a chance to rekindle this passion. I stumbled on WordPress whilst browsing with my phone. Downloaded it and started this blog.

I intend to scribble my thoughts and document them for future reference and also for any interested individuals to read and learn with me, as we navigate life’s journey.

Thank You for stopping by. Keep faith with me for many more thoughts.


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