This’ a follow up to my previous thoughts entitled SUPER LUCKY. Therefore, congratulations are in order to the Nigerian National Team for beating two teams in a row (Quarter and Semi Final Matches).

In contrast to the matches prior to the knock out stages, the team exhibited a rare fighting spirit, confidence on the field of play and courage in the face of all odds.

From the moments of these matches I watched, I presume that this team should convince all cynics and rally unprecedented support for their quest for the trophy. Some critics insist that the sudden improvement in the team’s performance does not warrant their deserving the championship title, others disagree. And vehemently too.

The lesson herein for me is that irrespective of how many times we falter and fail in life, we must never lose the fighting spirit, courage and confidence to trudge on. I readily tell whoever is willing to listen that life’s a daily struggle despite how rosy it may look.

I’ve tried, failed and won with every project, endeavour and generally in life’s sojourn. Sometimes, a lot of money, time, resources and goodwill lost in the process and some others, same gained.

What remains most important is that we never lose the sense of struggle, we never stop fighting, exerting confidence, displaying courage and staying focused on our goals.

Then, comes the issue of reward. Very dicey but pertinent. What reward is commensurate for the amount of effort we invest in our dreams? How long is adequate to convert an idea into a multi-billion/multi-million reward?

A few years ago, a few much-older individuals usually told me that I was yet to ‘pay my dues’. That statement meant a few things: I did not have adequate experience, had not suffered enough or was not old enough.

If we waited 1,5,10 years to see our dreams attain actuality in full measure would that satisfy us or would 15, 20, 25 years be too long and not worth it eventually?

Reward is relative, and comes to those that are seemingly deserving or lucky.

Just My Thoughts,

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