#Recommended: ECO Leaders for Tomorrow

As an Associate Fellow and ‘Graduate’ of the May 2008 Future Leaders Seminar (FLS), I am pleased to recommend NLI. It was a weekend of inspiration engaging many young persons from many backgrounds. Some of those friendships which started at the FLS have grown into marriages, business partnerships and unique relationships.

I spoke to Idris Bello a few days ago and it was great to catch up on all his ‘exploits’ in Lagos over the past few months. I look forward to a sit-down when he returns from his trip to South East Asia. Idris was also a member of my class and similar relationships such as these remind me about that fateful weekend when we all met.

The NLI experience is sure to encourage and challenge. I hope that NLI will forge a much stronger and vibrant alumni network in order to ensure motto, ‘From Success to Significance‘ is epitomised at all times.

NLI is currently accepting entries from Exceptional, Community-spirited and Outstanding young Nigerians (between 25-35 years old) with leadership qualities in their respective fields of engagement.

See the official announcement below and image for contact details:

Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI) has commenced the process for the selection of new Associates Fellows through its Future Leaders Seminar (FLS). The Future Leaders Seminar (FLS) is conceived to help mobilize and groom a critical mass of emerging leaders in Nigeria and in the diaspora with outstanding leadership attributes and accomplishments. The FLS is a program for emerging public and private sectors as well as civil society Nigerian leaders aged between 25 to 35 years. It is a residential seminar with intensive text-based knowledge sharing.

The Future Leaders Seminar (FLS) was designed to define the mission of the Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI) by creating a growing, global network of credible, accomplished community-spirited Nigerian leaders, committed to taking responsibility for driving positive change in Nigeria and Nigerian communities.

The seminar readings and discussion formats allow and encourage the participants to deeply reflect on themselves, the root of their values, what influences their styles of leadership and what changes (if any) need to be made in their leadership styles for the greater good of the society.

The Seminar is capped by the launch of a class project by the participants. The class project is a voluntary project undertaken by each FLS session and represents a practical way of learning and taking responsibility. At the end, the participants are inducted as Associate Fellows of NLI.

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