Lent 2016

#Lent2016, Palm Sunday

Text: Luke 19:28-41, Isaiah 55:6-12

“Hosanna!” was the word that began the most explosive 7 days in all of eternity. Never would there be a week, nor a word, that would so profoundly impact every life in recorded history.

It was Passover week in Jerusalem and nearly 2.5 million people were crowding the streets of this ancient city. All adult Jewish males were required to come to Jerusalem three times a year with Passover being one of those times. What a week for the presentation of a King!

As Jesus rode through the jammed streets, the mass of humanity threw their cloaks on the way ahead of Him. Fittingly, such was the historical way that a population would welcome their victorious king home from battle. This exuberant crowd also cut branches from trees along the way and threw them in front of the King on His donkey. They waved the branches high above their heads as they proclaimed, “Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” These people were worshippers! They were declaring, “Everything that we have is Yours, Jesus!”

Are you a worshipper?

When Jesus enters our life, our Jerusalem, we must respond with whole-hearted obedience and genuine praise. We must enter into an experience of worship so dynamic that it causes us to sacrifice our comfort and tradition. Has the presence of Jesus Christ caused a genuine stir in your life? Have you responded to His triumphant procession with the reckless abandon of absolute worship? When confronted with the Kingship of Jesus Christ, many of us hold back and refuse to change our style of worship. A genuine experience with the Son of God ought to cause an expression of worship that goes beyond … way beyond … the official structure of acceptable worship.

As we prepare our hearts and lives for His death and resurrection, we must first join with the voices of history and declare passionately and sincerely, “Hosanna in the highest!”

Copyright 2013 by Carol McLeod, all rights reserved.

Carol McLeod is the founder of Just Joy Ministries, whose mission is to inspire women of all walks of life to engage in a deeper way with the Bible, and to grow in personal relationship with the Lord. 


  1. #Personal: Father, walk with me please through this journey that I may arrive in a much better position in my relationship with you. Honour your word in my life and may my sacrifice this Lent be acceptable, in Jesus’ Name.
  2. #BodyofChrist: I remember (name any member or group of brethren that come to mind) today and ask for your (request). May he/she/they remember #Lent2016 for good and have testimonies to share, in Jesus’ Name.
  3. #Nation: Lord, I pray for Nigeria (name of country) during this Holy Week and I ask you to take away from this nation, everything that tends to divide us especially corruption. Convert the counsel of wicked men and Ahitophels in this country to foolishness so our leaders will walk in the fear of your power, in Jesus’ Name.
  4. Other extempore prayers…

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