Lent 2016

#Lent2016, Holy Monday

Text: Mark 14:1-9

Jesus loved people. He loved the sick and the lame … the prostitute and children. Jesus loved His band of brothers … the 12 whose lives had become so intrinsically a part of His own. Jesus also loved a particular family who had celebrated with Him, had often taken care of Him while He was traveling and with whom Jesus had cried the day that He raised Lazarus, their brother, from the dead.

Understandably, Jesus spent some of His last hours on earth with beloved friends who had become family to Him. These moments were unspeakably dear as he looked lovingly into the faces of those whose names would soon be written not only on His heart but also on His hands. As they were dining together one evening during this final week of Jesus life, Mary, the woman who had spent so much time at the feet of Jesus, came to Him with a family heirloom in her hands.

Mary had spent time at Jesus’ feet in wonder listening to His Word; she spent time at the feet of Jesus in her darkest hour believing that Jesus would perform a miracle; and now she is extravagantly giving at His beautiful feet that will soon be bloodied. Mary broke the alabaster vial and poured the fragrant and costly perfume over the head of Jesus. The amount in this vase was worth an entire year’s wages and yet Mary lavishly poured it over the body of her Savior.

Jesus will die as a criminal; only criminals’ bodies were denied the societal anointing of spices and perfume after death. Mary’s singular act of love saved Him from the disgrace of a criminal’s death. This one quiet woman was so filled with devotion and love that she considered no sacrifice too great for Jesus.

Will you spend heartfelt time with Jesus’ this week? Will you allow your worship to spill over into lavish giving as you contemplate the price that He paid for your life?

Copyright 2013 by Carol McLeod, all rights reserved. Carol McLeod is the founder of Just Joy Ministries, whose mission is to inspire women of all walks of life to engage in a deeper way with the Bible, and to grow in personal relationship with the Lord. 


  1. #Personal: I ask my Lord that the lessons of this week do not elude me. Teach me the qualities of Christ, even those that drove Him to the cross to pay the ultimate sacrifice for my sins. Also, I ask (personal request) and that you will answer my prayers so my joy on the resurrection morning will be full. These and many more I ask only in Jesus’ Name.
  2. #BodyofChrist: Teach us Father to make the best of this passion week – in learning, reflecting and deciding to live only for you. That the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary becomes evident in our lives and draws others to the knowledge of Christ’s name and Salvation, in Jesus’ Name.
  3. #Nation: I remember Brussels, Agatu Communities in Nigeria, and all other nations in sorrow at this time. Teach us to hold fast to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. That your children will not drift from your flock at times like this. Overcome the evils of this world for our sake. All these we ask, for the sake of the one who suffered shame at a time like this, Amen.
  4. Other extempore prayers…

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