A few hours ago, I sent the URL of this blog to someone and got a ‘you are jobless’ response.

To this person, my second (third actually) attempt at blogging will amount to me abandoning it again after a very short while.

I did say unashamedly in my first post that I started two blogs in the past: and I also confessed to my expectations that a third attempt will be different and easier because I intend not to blog but scribble thoughts from the comfort of my bed using my phone.

You see, I have come to appreciate such dismissals.

A few years ago, when two passionate young men and myself started work on a Youth initiative (which soon became a movement and then a 25-year development initiative), a very strong positive image (my better description and alternative for the abused ‘role model’) dismissed us as ‘opportunists’ and the project as a ‘sham’ which was ‘going to fail’ and ‘die soon’. A few years after, this individual was quoted saying ‘I know about their work and I’m very proud to be associated with it’.

Although there was no association, the project got a fan and an endorsement at the same time.

However, I must admit that such a dismissive comment rather than discourage us; fuelled our passion and belief in our vision to effect change. So, I can say it did help to build rather than tear down.

I have since learnt that any venture that attracts only positive comments and encouragement doesn’t help the visionary. The dismissals, mockery, jest, harsh words, outright refusal and other forms of negative reactions are useful, very useful in moulding any dream or venture.

Not only does it provoke constant reviews, it poses a challenge which sparks a heightened sense of motivation to prove the ‘enemy’ wrong.

How many people have dismissed you and/or your vision?

Relax, their endorsements and ‘rights of association’ have been prepared in their sub-concious already. You prevent all those from happening if you give up now, soon or in the near future.

Remember, they may never say it to your face the way they dismissed you. They may never even take a detour to support you. Ours did not, but there was no way such negative comments could stand in the face of an increasingly successful venture. And although the individual, in my experience never publicly associated with the brand for over half-a-decade, when it happened; there were no special moments and no gratitude extended for support.

Hence, people often give up opportunities to birth great dreams when they refuse to see or cannot perceive greatness from the often tacky, unrefined and simple ideas that represent them.

Joblessness (or often mere Youthful exuberance) is the face of brilliant success in a short while.

Are you jobless???


Just My Thoughts,

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