2016 Sustainability Roadmap

Our partners at Sustainable Square put together sustainability roadmaps for key economies and continents for 2016.

I am pleased to share the East Africa Roadmap.

In recent years, economies in Africa have grown more rapidly than any other time in history. Traditional investors in Sub-Saharan Africa have been joined by local and regional investors, in exploiting the rich natural resource base and market potential to boost profitability and community good. This unprecedented growth and development has shown the potential to lift millions of Africans out of poverty and enhance self-sustaining economies and livelihoods.

Unfortunately, Africa’s development challenges still remain considerable, evidenced by the uneven performance in achievement of development targets. Regional and local businesses have realized that they have a key role to play in Africa’s sustainable growth and development.

Sustainable economic growth highly depends on the effectiveness of government regulation and policies to support local institutions and infrastructure. Governments have strived to support businesses that have a community component within their internal strategies through legislative reforms.

The Kenyan government, for example, has started creating an environment in which businesses can align their sustainability activities with nationally identified priorities; and has actively engaged in setting a framework for implementation through policy, standards and legislation. Corruption, poor policy implementation, weak institutions, and political interference. However hinder progress and the realization of desired by businesses and the public.

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